Time Resolved Cameras

A wide selection of high-speed cameras

Our SpeedSense time resolved cameras most likely has the right model to suit your application. The wide range of cameras are an ideal fit for applications such as time resolved PIV, LIF, and spray characterization.

New models include the SpeedSense T series and the more affordable SpeedSense TE series. They feature 1MP or 4MP sensors, and their back side illuminated sensor technology offers high sensitivity and low noise.

They set the bar for high-speed imaging very high with up to more than 38000 fps @ 1 MP, and close to 10000 fps at 4 MP, with quantum efficiencies above 80% at 532 nm, ideal for applications in which the light budget is limited.

The T-series also features a binning mode, for instance the T 4040 offers 37200 fps when binned to 1 MP resolution, making it our most versatile camera.

The housing is quite small compared to the earlier models, making it easier to fit them into confined spaces, especially when optical access is a limiting factor

The TE series is a great compromise between modern back side illumination sensor technology and an attractive price, offering frame rates over 19200fps at 1MP.

With the VEO and the VEO E series, you get up to more than 10000 fps @1MP. these cameras are our top-sellers, combining a small form factor and high sensitivity at a fair price.

Academic customers can apply for an academic discount if the systems are used for teaching and training.

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