Windshaper – Fan-array Wind Generator

Testing a drone in a turbulent flow generated by a Windshaper
Available in many configurations

Current wind tunnels have limitations in creating and/or simulating real-world conditions because they cannot replicate all the complex factors that affect aerodynamics. Windshaper, a multiple Fan Array Wind Generator, enables users to program wind conditions and create unique wind profiles, inside a controlled environment. It replicates complex atmospheric flows that vary in time and space. e.g. simulating ground effect, thermal updrafts, crosswinds, urban wind patterns, effects of different terrain and atmospheric conditions like wind gusts, rain, snow, fog, extreme temperatures (cold and hot), etc.

Windshaper key benefits:

  • Create unique wind profiles
  • Software program to specify wind conditions with spatial patterns and temporal profiles
  • Ability to generate realistic wind flows and also flows similar to a regular wind tunnel.
  • Controllable wind conditions
  • Repeatable tests
  • Configurable hardware
  • Open test volume

Windshaper individual Module
Replicating Outdoor Wind

A Windshaper resembles a wall with many small fans. The fan wall is composed of base units called ‘Wind modules’.  Multiple modules can be stacked and combined in any combination. The size of a WindShape is described by the number of modules it contains, i.e. 6 x 3 Windshaper would be 6 modules wide by 3 modules tall. Each wind module measures about 25 x 25 cm and contains 9 fans in a 3 x 3 configuration.

Each fan in the Windshaper module is called a ‘wind pixel’ and can produce a wind speed of up to 16 m/s (36 mph). Each wind pixel speed can be individually controlled as a function of time. With multiple modules, this enables users to generate wind profiles that vary in time and space simultaneously.

The Windshaper can be controlled from a web-based application or via a Python API.

Various options are available for tilting the windshaper, or for building a complete wind tunnel.

Windshaper with a contraction, a test section and a diffuser

We offer the Windshaper – a multiple Fan Array Wind Generator

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