Microfluidics deals with the behaviour, precise control, and manipulation of fluids that are geometrically constrained to a small (typically sub-millimeter) scale. It is a multidisciplinary field intersecting engineering, physics, chemistry, microtechnology and biotechnology, with practical applications to the design of systems in which small volumes of fluids will be used.

Microfluidics is used in the development of inkjet printheads, DNA chips, lab-on-a-chip technology, micro-propulsion, micro-thermal technologies and micro-chemical reactors.

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Microfluidics Applications

Application Notes

Analysis of 4th International PIV Challenge Case A

PIV images from the 4th PIV challenge, case A, were analyzed. Masking was done analytically, based on the raw images. Image pre-processing was used to improve the SNR of the particle images,[…]

Modal analysis in a micromixer

Time-resolved MicroPIV systems can provide spatio-temporal modal information in microfluidics research on mixing. In this application note, we describe the modal decomposition of the velocit[…]

Time-Resolved Velocity Measurements of Droplet Formation in a Flow Focusing Junction

Understanding the flow field related to monodisperse emulsions is crucial as they are often the subject of lab-on-the-chip applications, and they are used in food, pharmaceutical, personal c[…]

Investigation on flow patterns and local stresses in sharp-edged and pyramidal orifices during high-pressure homogenization

This investigation focuses on the influence of the geometry of the disruption unit on the local flow pattern and resulting stresses. Previous experimental works have demonstrated that even s[…]

Multi-Parameter Measurements in a Micromixer

MicroPIV systems can provide multi-parameter information in microfluidics research on mixing. In this application note, we describe the computation of velocity, concentration and interface i[…]

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