Biomedical Fluid Engineering

Biomedical engineering combines the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences. The main objective is to improve healthcare diagnosis and treatment.

Applications for this field include: the development of prostheses, medical devices, implants, and technologies such as regenerative tissue growth as well as pharmaceutical drugs.

image of Biomedical Fluid Engineering
Biomedical Fluid Engineering Applications

Application Notes

Particle Image Velocimetry of 3D-Printed Anatomical Blood Vascular Models Affected by Atherosclerosis

The study of biomedical fluid dynamics using non-intrusive visualizing methods on a micro-scale has become possible using a proper 3D printing process. The computed tomography scan of a pati[…]

Flow investigations in the aortic arch during cardiopulmonary bypass with Stereo-PIV

In case of open-heart surgery, an external blood pump maintains the circulatory pressure. Venous blood is collected, oxygenated and pumped into the body through an aortic cannula. The so-cal[…]

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