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Dantec Dynamics’ customer support programme includes the provision of measurement services in flow and particle dynamics analysis.  After decades of experience, Dantec Dynamics offers technological capabilities in this field that are second to none.

Dantec Dynamics’ contract measurement service provides easy access to both our leading-edge instrumentation and the know-how of our highly skilled engineers. It delivers high-quality measurement results that are specific to each individual application.

This is an ideal solution for situations where testing needs are relatively modest and do not justify the investment in acquiring an in-house system.  This is also an excellent way for those who are considering the purchase of a system to evaluate its usefulness in relation to their particular application before doing so.

Your benefits

1. Time

The detailed knowledge of our engineers in relation to both Dantec Dynamics’ measurement systems and the applications for which they are used can result in considerable time savings compared with the process of instrument procurement, training, and experiment configuration that would otherwise be necessary.

2. Reduced risk of failure

Dantec Dynamics’ engineers always work in close partnership with our customers’ staff. Each task is a collaborative project that makes optimal use of the skills and knowledge of both parties. This ensures the development of a properly configured measurement – and one that has the very best chance of obtaining the desired results.

3. State-of-the-art measurement solutions

Access to the most up-to-date measurement instrumentation and software and the expertise of people who specialise in using them full-time guarantees that our customers acquire the best possible measurement results that can be obtained.

4. The human factor

Dantec Dynamics’ engineers are experts in the use of our measurement systems. They have also acquired a wealth of experience in a broad spectrum of applications, in both academic and industrial research. The fields include aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, combustion processes, atomisation of liquids, and validation of CFD codes.  With every system install and consultancy project, our engineers gain and refine their knowledge. Their involvement in your project assures you can be sure of the best possible support.

The stages in a Dantec Dynamics consultancy project

1. Objectives are identified

Measurement objectives and concerns for the specific application or research project are identified in an initial discussion and planning phase.

2. Detailed cost proposal

In areas in which methodology is already well established, Dantec Dynamics then prepares a detailed cost proposal, including a fully configured measurement solution, time frame, and expected results.

3. Measurement activity

The actual measurement activity may be at the customer’s site or at Dantec Dynamics’ experimental facility, depending on the application.

4. Report with results

A detailed report on the results is prepared and presented. Interpretation of the results is the sole responsibility of the customer.

For leading-edge work for which there is no previous experience, a feasibility study is first performed to identify critical measurement parameters before preparation of the detailed proposal.

If required, a non-disclosure agreement is signed between Dantec Dynamics and the customer to protect proprietary information.

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