DISATAC Tachometers

Rotational speed in all types of high-speed turbochargers

DISATAC is a series of rugged, non-contact electronic tachometers for monitoring rotational speed in all types of high-speed turbochargers.

The range of pickups and magnets are compatible with the specifications of all major turbocharger manufacturers in the world.

The reliable tachometer 

DISATAC meets the ship classification societies’ requirements for quality, reliability and safety and is therefore specified as standard by most manufacturers of large diesel engines and turbochargers in the marine and off-shore industry.

The DISATAC tachometers are manufactured exclusively from high-quality materials to ensure optimal, reliable and long-lasting performance in harsh working environments.

DISATAC – Non-contact equipment

The equipment requires no mechanical connection to the rotating machine elements as the measurement principle is based on a magnet on the rotating shaft passing the DISATAC pickup. There is thus no mechanical wear.

The DISATAC electronic units interface to standard moving-coil instruments, recorders, data loggers etc. The moving-coil instrument indicating the rotational speed of the turbocharger can be placed several hundred metres from the pick-up – e.g. on the bridge of a large vessel.

Group of DISATAC Tachometers

More Information on DISATAC Tachometers

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