Videoextensometer RTSS

With the Videoextensometer, the longitudinal and transversal strain is measured during material tests (e.g. tension, compression tests). Further analysis modules for the determination of crack length (e.g. long term tests) and crack areas (e.g. bondings) are available.

Image of RTSS-Videoextensometer

A Wide Range of Applications

Image of RTSS-Videoextensometer
Determination of E-Modulus

The Videoextensometer RTSS is perfectly suited for the determination of material properties in tension tests. The specimen’s deformation is measured contactlessly.  Properties like Stress-strain curves, E-modulus and Poisson’s ratio are determined.

Advantages of the RTSS videoextensometer

Image of RTSS-Videoextensometer

Contactless and camera based Strains from 20µm/m up to more than 1000% can be measured Flexible specimen size from a few mm to some m Fast setup and easy specimen marking Suitable for all testing machines Can be used on all materials


RTSS_HR:High resolutions videoextensometer for quasi static tensile tests. Measurement precision for strain is 20µstrains (=20µm/m)
RTSS_HS:Fast videoextemsometer. Due to its high measurement rate the videoextensometer can be used also for dynamic applications (e.g. hydro pulser) and for the control of fast processes.
Multi-Camera-System:+ Simultaneous measurement of different specimen sides.
+ Combination of a small and a large field of view
–> High precision measurement of E-modulus and measurement of the complete Force-Strain-curve.
+ Stereo Setup: Two cameras at a defined distance measure each with small a field of view one marker
–> Highest precision for rigid materials.

More Features

  • Contactless – no clamping of a mechanical sensor to the specimen
  • Measurement of the strain at failure
  • Wide application field on all materials, both soft and rigid
  • Flexible measurement range  with specimen size of a few mm to multiple m
  • Strain measurements from 20µm/m up to 1000%
  • Recording of movies for documentation and quality control
  • Simultaneous measurement of longitudinal and transversal strain
  • Live camera image
  • Precise specimen alignment
  • Compatible to all tensile test machines
  • Analog or digital data interface to test machine
  • Automatic control through tensile test machine/software
  • Short training time due to easy and intuitive user interface
  • Definition of templates for fast setup changes of different tests
  • Easy system calibration through precise calibration plate
  • Testing according to standards without mechanical sensor tracking
  • Multi core support – low processor load means the system can be used simultaneously on the control computer for the test machine

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