We celebrate our 75 years anniversary and look forward to 75 years more, supporting current and new customers

We can offer hybridized PIV, LDV and Thermal Anemometry solutions

This year we have seen many changes in the solid mechanics and fluid dynamics community with some providers leaving our community.

We are happy to discuss hybridized solutions for PIV, LDA/LDV and HotWire/Thermal Anemometer Systems that may have been left unsupported.
Contact us today to find out what is possible. Below we review how our systems have evolved over the years and how we aim to continue evolving and supporting our customers into the future.

Product Evolution
Hotwire/Thermal Anemometry

We are continually innovating our products from the earliest forms of CTA (Constant Temperature Anemometry) systems to the most modern digital systems with automated calibration. Dantec has developed this product line to enable new discoveries in turbulence research for many decades. Hybrid solutions with different calibrators and data logging systems can also be provided with ongoing support.

CTA anno 1959
CTA today

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Laser Doppler Anemometry/Velocimetry (LDA/LDV)

Our LDA systems have evolved tracking improvements and packaging of lasers and also development in the processors. Customers can even hybridize different parts from other providers, meaning systems can be supported well into the future. Contact us today to find out what is possible.

LDA today

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Particle Image Velocimetry

Our PIV and Imaging systems also evolve from the first  offering of an integrated ‘PIV Processor’ to advanced volumetric configurations with calibration refinement algorithms.
We also combine a variety of hardware to build up the right solutions for our customers. We can combine a variety of timing units, cameras and lasers in our software, including hardware from other suppliers. Contact us today to find out what is possible.

PIV today

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