Volumetric Velocimetry Calibration Refinement – New Paper Available in Optics

High quality calibrations – The key to proper Volumetric Velocimetry Measurements

In collaboration with Professor Christoph Brücker from City University London, Dantec Dynamics has published a paper fully describing our method to refine multi-camera calibrations based on particle images.

The technique uses back-projections of 3D reconstructions and planar 2D Cross-Correlations on the camera sensor plane to correct calibration errors and undesired movements of the cameras.

As a result, we were able to reduce the calibration error to less than 0.1 pixel in the entire measurement domain. Thanks to this calibration refinement, we can make high quality Volumetric Velocimetry measurements even in difficult conditions.

The paper can be accessed here from MDPI.

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