Stereoscopic PIV (2D3C) in micro scale

This solution give researchers in microfluidics a unique opportunity to do accurate and precise measurements and investigation of flows. The system provides high magnification, high resolution, adjustable field depth control and superior measurement accuracy.

Unique to the all-in-one solution is the dedicated stereoscopic image calibration kit which is required to provide the planar 3C flow field. The calibration kit with its illumination device is a solution that makes it possible to perform proper stereoscopic image calibration. Instead of relying on a simple linear ray tracing model for optical aberration – Dantec Dynamics offers a dedicated, accurate and precise calibration solution.

Thanks to the calibration kit the all-in-one Stereo µPIV system is the right solution for microfluidics researchers who want the absolutely best accuracy during flow investigations in order to validate CFD (computational fluid dynamics) results or physical models.

DSC 0649 stereoµpiv system low 2000 w

 A new Stereo µPIV system for 2D3C velocity measurements in micro scale.