TCT for Electronic Components

Image of 3D ESPI Q300 TCT system

The 3D-ESPI System Q-300 TCT is designed for complete three dimensional and highly sensitive thermal expansion measurement and strain analysis of materials and components.

Key Features:

  • Full field, 3-dimensional measurement without contact and marking
  • Delivers CTE and thermal strain
  • Measurement of electronic components and materials

Non-contact, full-field and 3D-Analysis on nearly any Material

Top row: Flipchip assembly 1cm x 1cm (left), BGA with detected de-bonding (right). Bottom row: Thermal expansion of a Flipchip with perfect bonding (left) and defect bonding (right).

Q-300 TCT has successfully been used in development and testing of complex anisotropic materials, components, and structures in electronic applications. It is ideal for the experimental verification of analytical and numerical calculations.

The 3D information enables fast determination of the thermal expansion coefficient of materials as well as the thermal stress of components such as printed circuits, BGA, Flip Chips, and more.

The measurement is performed without contact on the whole measuring area and on nearly any material. The field of view can be adjusted down to square millimetres.

The Q-300 TCT system is fully equipped with a heating device, electronic control and a 3D-ESPI sensor on an adjustable support.  Thanks to the optional use of a contour module, the Q-300 TCT could not only be applied to flat surfaces, but also to curved surfaces.

The sensor is driven by a robust electronic control system with the complete ISTRA software package.

The temperature is acquired at each measuring step. The system offers automatic or manual measurement and quantitative data analysis of 3D displacement and thermal strain fields.

Sub-micrometer accuracy is achieved depending on the geometrical setup. Maximum measuring accuracy is guaranteed by taking into account the varying sensitivity with different object coordinates. Therefore, the complete geometry matrix is recalculated automatically by the ISTRA software for every object point.

Measuring Sensitivity:0.01 – 0.1 µm adjustable
Measuring Range:Adjustable to any measurement range by variation of measurement steps (10 – 100 µm per step depending on measuring direction)
Measuring area:40 x 50 mm² down to 0.7 x 1 mm²
Operation modes:automatic, manual,1D-, 2D-, 3D-operation
Data interfaceTIFF, ASCII
Data acquisition speed:3.5 seconds for 3D analysis
Data analysis:automatic serial analysis or manual at any measurement step
Dimensions of sensor head:80 x 130 x 120 mm³
Dimension of heating device:200 x 200 x 70 mm³
Laser (built-in):Laser diode, 70 mW, 785nm
Processor:Portable PC with integrated electronics, heating control with timer
Operating system:Windows 2000, XP
Heating Specification:Max. temperature: 300°C. Heating rate: 30°C per minute. Heating power: 200 W
Mode of operationManual or ramp heating. Manual or automatic (timer controlled) measurement

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