EduDIC is a complete Digital Image Correlation (DIC) measurement system, designed as a simple and convenient educational training tool for academic courses in experimental solid mechanics. This easy-to-use system allows academic instructors to effectively present the optical measurement technique of DIC for materials testing to the engineers and scientists of tomorrow.

The EduDIC system is designed with minimal hardware components, thus making connection easier and setup quicker. USB cameras operate in master/slave camera mode, which is a special configuration that does not require connection to an external triggering box. Cameras only need to be connected to one another and to a laptop PC – and that’s all! In addition, the illumination system does not require any external hardware.

All users of an EduDIC system have access to the DIC user training course via Dantec Dynamics’ eLearning platform. This online course is fully modular, application-oriented and is structured to assist both beginners and advanced users through the DIC measurement process. Various training material features include: videos, tutorials, checklists, charts, and quizzes. This training asset can accessed anytime and anywhere, even while using the EduDIC system in practice!

All DIC systems from Dantec Dynamics’ can be upgraded as both hardware and software are modular, allowing each module to be expanded upon. An EduDIC system can even be retrofitted with 3, 4, and even up to 8 cameras! If your application requirements change, an external triggering box and Tower PC can also be added to the system.

Adjusting the illumination intensity primarily involves adjustment of the camera shutter speed for optimal brightness. This task can be challenging for users since the selected shutter speed must be evaluated against the illumination saturation of the imaged speckles. The brightness optimizer function completes this complicated task automatically.

The projection calibration wizard automatically identifies any found calibration target markers and computes the calibrated projection volume. Available for all dual or multi-camera applications, users only need to hold a calibration target in plain sight of both cameras and maneuver the target to various stances for the each calibration acquisition. With clear color-coded signals, Istra4D provides visual indication when a calibration acquisition is going to be acquired. A manual projection calibration of a DIC system is often considered by users to be a complicated test preparation task, however this convenient Istra4D feature requires less than 15 seconds to complete and only needs to be completed once for any given fixed setup and optical configuration!

Using finite element analysis, the ability to define an appropriate mesh is paramount in order to ensure that the output FEM model is useful for critical decision making. Similarly, DIC also requires appropriate input information through the use of aliased speckles, within facets or subsets, in order for a measurement correlation to be of value. Thankfully, the applied speckle pattern can be qualified using the real-time speckle pattern quality evaluator. Users get clear visual information of the standard error resolution for a given facet or subset size. This feature provides instant feedback if the data to be correlated is good enough for the required resolution and potential correlation accuracy.

Users now have the possibility in Istra4D to create and print new custom-sized black or white calibration targets with their own personal QR-codes! This feature gives users the possibility to complete quick and easy DIC measurements with lower measurement accuracy requirements using user-definable printed calibration targets. The size and quality of the calibration target is only restricted by your printer’s capability. Simply stick the calibration target on a rigid, flat surface and start the projection. Older calibration target IDs can also be retrofitted with the designated QR-codes as well.

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