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Image of Q400 DIC system

The Digital 3D Image Correlation System Q-400 is an optical measuring device for true full-field, non-contact, three-dimensional measurement of shape, displacements and strains on components and structures made from almost any material.

The Q-400 system is used for determination of three-dimensional material properties in tensile, torsion, bending or combined tests. In addition, deformation and strain analysis can be applied to fatigue tests, fracture mechanics, FEA validation, and much more.

A Wide Range of Applications

The Q-400’s flexible design enables a wide range of applications from microscopic investigations on microelectronic or biomedical materials to large scale measurements of aerospace, automotive, marine and railway components.

  • Advanced materials (CFRP, wood, fiber injected PE, metal foam, rubber, …)
  • Component testing (shape, displacements, strains,…)
  • Material testing (Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio, Elasto-Plastic Behaviour)
  • Fracture mechanics FEA validation
  • High-Speed applications (dynamic measurements, transient events)

Real-time Full-Field Correlation and Export of Data

The Q-400 DIC evaluates data in real-time and enables the user to export data simultaneous as an analog voltage signal.

User Friendly System

Our Istra4D software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. All measurement parameters can be stored and re-used for repeating or similar measurement series. A speckle quality indicator further supports the evaluation of the correct pattern and optical setup at the beginning of the measurement. Predefined parameters help the user to decide on the correct DIC setup. The system comes with robust packaging for harsh environments.

Dantec Dynamics Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Systems

Easy Calibration

All system parameters are determined by a fast and easy calibration procedure – a very practical and simple process by positioning a calibration plate in front of the cameras. The achieved calibration accuracy is displayed online after the calibration.

Image of DIC calibration target
DIC Calibration Target

Multi Camera System

An easy extension of the Q-400 is from a 2 Camera to a 3 Camera system, increasing the field of measurement, improving the measurement of curved objects and increasing the accuracy. The multi camera system supports any number of cameras from 1 to 8. The system uses a cluster approach combining images without stitching and using a single global axis system. A multi camera system with 8 cameras can cover 360° of a cylinder and 4 cameras can measure both sides of a specimen to accurately determine thinning.

Image of 8-camera view of cylindrical object
8-camera system viewing on a cylindrical object
Image of 360 degree 3D measurement of displacements
360 degree of 3D measurement of displacements

Real-time Full-Field Correlation and Export of Data

The Q-400 DIC evaluates data in real-time and enables the user to export data simultaneous as an analogue voltage signal.

Image of displacement vectors in real time on a bridge structure
Displacement vectors in real-time

Measurement Accuracy

Image of DIC measurement data
All DIC measurement data is shown with a confidence interval (error approximation)

Advanced Trigger and Interface Unit

Image of DIC advanced trigger unit
DIC advanced Trigger Unit

The advanced trigger unit provides analogue and digital input/output channels for complex trigger scenarios and for communication with external measurement equipment.

DIC Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available to support your DIC applications, e.g. Dantec’s HILIS LED illumination – cold, homogeneous, monochromatic light for more accurate measurements.

Image DIC lighting

Open Interfaces and Application Modules

Image of HDF logo

Dantec’s DIC software platform Istra4D runs on open data format HDF5 and allows to access all DIC data. For customer specific applications, an open module interface is provided which enables complex measurements and reports with a single key press.

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