Vacuum Hood Inspection System

Image of Q810 Vaccum Hood test equipment

The Q-810 is a rugged, lightweight Shearography vacuum hood for in-field use, especially configured for large area NDT inspections with high inspection rates of 300 mm x 200 mm every 10 seconds.

Key Benefits

  • Defect detection in composite materials carbon fiber, glass fiber, laminates, honeycomb, etc.
  • Detection of delaminations, disbonds, kissing bonds, wrinkling impact damage, crushed core, etc.
  • Adaptive seals for use on highly curved surfaces
  • Operates independent of the local environmental conditions and can be used for production or in-field inspections
  • Simple two button operation with real-time defect detection monitor on hood


Laser Shearography User Training

Laser Shearography User Training

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