FlawScout Sensor

The FlawScout is a laser shearography non-destructive testing (NDT) sensor for applications in quality control, academic research or NDT training. Yielding sub-micrometer displacement resolution, the sensor delivers accurate and reliable measurement results through clear and sharp phase-map imaging. The sensor can be configured with thermal, vacuum or vibration excitation systems, ideally to be used for fixed-setup applications.

FlawScout laser shearography sensor with thermal excitation
Figure 2 – FlawScout laser shearography sensor with (activated) medium-wave thermal excitation.

The FlawScout sensor is contained in one, lightweight (3.4 kgs / 7.5 lbs) unit. With fully integrated imaging & control electronics, the sensor incorporates; a 2 Mpx CMOS camera, a fixed focal length lens, two (Class 3R) laser diodes, automatic shearing and phase-shifting piezos.

flawscout sensor with thermal excitation and Istra4D software
Figure 4 – FlawScout Laser Shearography sensor with medium-wave thermal excitation and Istra4D phase-map imaging for an aramid-honeycomb component, showing multiple indications of; disbonding (caused via localized impact damage)

Istra4D, Dantec Dynamics’ advanced laser shearography software, is intuitive and simple to use. With a clear user workflow, users have easy control of all relevant measurement configuration parameters including brightness, shearing, projection and visualization settings. Users can easily perform real-time measurements and complete advanced post-processing analysis of acquired results. Whatever the NDT application, Istra4D is the imaging workhorse behind all of Dantec’s laser shearography systems.


Laser Shearography User Training

Laser Shearography User Training

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