FlawHunter NDT System

Figure 1 – FlawHunter Laser Shearography NDT System being used on an Aluminium Sandwich Component indicating disbonding between the aluminum skin and foam core.

The FlawHunter is an integrated NDT inspection device, equipped with an advanced, high-resolution Laser Shearography sensor with a vacuum (partial) excitation system. It is ergonomic & easy-to-use and is equipped with a workflow-oriented, GUI-display and left/right-hand button control. Regardless of the application, the FlawHunter provides reliable and resolute measurement results for in-field (service) NDT and quality control (post-production) operations.
It can be used on any material & surface provided a stable vacuum can be generated within the vacuum seal (viewable inspection area).

Figure 2 – FlawHunter being used on a vertically mounted CFRP Laminate/Sandwich Component indicating multiple localized impact damage locations of disbonds and crushed cores.
Figure 3 – FlawHunter dimensions

The FlawHunter has a fully-integrated control electronics, as such there are no external connections to PCs, electronics, vacuum pump/s, and/or hoses.
The system only requires 1 connection to an external power source.
It weighs 9 kgs (20 lbs) and can inspect 320 mm x 230 mm (12.6 ‘‘ x 9 ‘‘) within a maximum of 10 seconds* (including*; placement, clamping & measurement), yielding an inspection rate of 0.44 m²/min (4.7 ft²/min)!
The vacuum pump typically requires 3-5 seconds to reach a steady vacuum level.

The FlawHunter can be equipped with either; a 3.2 MPx (standard) / 5 Mpx (optional), 12-bit, GigE camera with a (respective) maximum frame rate of 37 / 24 Hz. The internal sensor has a fully SW–controllable, automatic shearing piezo. Using the 4+4 Phase Shifting technique in conjunction with stable vacuum control via the integrated vacuum pump & controller, users can set the vacuum (pressure) level down to -11 kPa with a tolerance of +/- 0.05 kPa.
The result yields measurement images with the best definition and clarity with minimal noise.

Figure 4 – FlawHunter being used on a CFRP Laminate Component indicating a localized artificial defect.

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