Standalone Calibrator

Velocity and directional calibration of hot-wire and hot-film probes  

The first condition for high quality hot-wire or hot-film anemometry measurements is high precision calibration of the sensor.

The Standalone Calibration solution offers automated high accuracy velocity calibration of any hot-wire or hot-film sensor. Optionally even directional calibration is available.

The standalone velocity calibration functionality is achieved using a StreamLine Pro Automatic Calibrator, a Standalone Calibration Software module, an A/D converter and a system controller (Desktop PC or Laptop).

For the directional calibration of multiple-sensor probes, either the Automatic Directional Calibrator (ADC) or the manual Pitch/Yaw/Roll Manipulator can be used.

The A/D converter board must be in the list of supported devices in the Standalone Calibration Software, and National Instruments DAQmx device support is included as standard.


Hot-wire and Hot-film Probes

Hot-wire and Hot-film Probes

Complete probe system for use with Dantec’s Constant Temperature Anemometers (CTA), available in a variety of configurations

CTA Calibration Systems

CTA Calibration Systems

Facilitates fast and accurate calibrations of probes over a large velocity range (0.02 m/s to > 300m/s)

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