Vibration Analysis

For today’s demands of high reliability, durability, and environmental performance on machines, electronics, or mechanical components, static measurements of stress/strain properties are not sufficient and dynamic measurements are necessary. Vibration Analysis (VA) via Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is ideally suited for measuring dynamic material deformation and strain.

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Application Notes

Dantec’s High Speed Digital Image Correlation (DIC) for Vibration and Modal Shape Analysis

For todays demands on highest reliability, durability and environmental performance of machines, elec­tron­ics or mechanical components, static measure­ments of stress/strain properties are[…]

Automatic Vibration Mode Analysis with ESPI

The determination of the modal parameters is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in experimental component testing. Particularly components that require full-field information[…]

Vibration Analysis on Catalytic Converters with ESPI

A special problem for the analysis of catalytic converters is their internal set-up. The matrix of a specific converter is built of flat and corrugated metal sheets. The outer cylinder of th[…]

Basics of 3D Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

In classical image correlation the deformation of an object is determined by observation with a CCD camera. Then a digital image correlation process determines the shift and/or rotation and […]

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