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Current inspection technologies for larger infrastructure are typically based on strain gauges, accelerometers, or distance meters. Such instruments have the disadvantage of needing to be mounted on the building, which can be very time consuming and costly depending on accessibility. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technology, a non-contact optical method, has been successfully applied for evaluation of large structures such as bridges and allows measuring displacements and deformations with sub-millimetre accuracy.

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Application Notes

Usage of digital image correlation (DIC) in assessment of behaviour of block element pavement structure

In diagnostics of existing road pavement structures deflection measurements have fundamental meaning, because of ability to assess present stiffness (bearing capacity) of whole layered const[…]

Bridge loading measurement in Ulm, Germany with Digital Image Correlation

Bridges are designed with a limited service lifetime, which for new constructions, can be up to 100 years. Often the forecasted design lifetime is re-evaluated if visible damage is detected […]

DIC – A powerful solution for Bridge Inspection and Monitoring

Bridges are typically designed and constructed with a limited lifetime in mind, for example, 100 years. However, such lifetime objectives can be difficult to achieve due to unforeseeable env[…]

Basics of 3D Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

In classical image correlation the deformation of an object is determined by observation with a CCD camera. Then a digital image correlation process determines the shift and/or rotation and […]

Experimental Finite Element Method (FEM) validation using Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

A variety of mechanical engineering disciplines, such as aeronautical, biomechanical, and automotive industries rely on Finite Element Method (FEM) in the design, development and testing of […]

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