Public webinar – Biomechanical & Biomaterials Testing using Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

Join us to learn more on September 22nd from 10:00-11:00 (UTC+1)
Participation is free-of-charge

Dantec Dynamics is pleased to announce, in collaboration with our distribution partner LIMESS Messtechnik u. Software GmbH, that we will be co-hosting a public webinar on „Biomechanical & biomaterials testing using digital image correlation (DIC)“.

The measurement and visualization of the mechanical properties, interactions and behaviors of biomaterials (and also objects with complex shapes) poses a great challenge to engineers. Whether measuring soft tissues or complex bone structures under loading, the application of tactile sensors is usually a difficult task particularly with respect to attachent and contact of the sensor to the specimen throughout the duration of the experiment. In some cases, a tactile sensor can even influence the material properties under investigation.

In this live webinar, we will introduce you to an easy-to-apply, non-contact alternative method which solves these application issues. Additionally, allowing users to visualize both globally and locally the shape, displacement and strain of a measurement to a high precision. The output of a DIC system is not influenced by the measurement method itself and it provides thousands of measurement points, helping engineers to understand the complex interplay between the physical properties of the object under loading, which in turn can be used to deliver high quality experimental data to confirm and optimize computer models.

The live webinar will take approximately one hour and at the end of the presentation you will understand the underlying DIC measurement principles & method and will be familiar with the many different successful applications of DIC in the field of biomechanical & biomaterials.


  • An overview of successful biomechanic applications
  • Introduction to the Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technology
  • Insight into the DIC setup and measurement process.
  • Detailed application examples, including;:
    • Medical device components
    • Orthopaedic implants (e.g. hip, knee)
    • Soft tissues
    • Bones and bone microstructure
    • Dental materials (e.g. jaws, fillings, crowns, implants)
    • Stents (e.g. coronary, vascular, ureteral)
    • Hydrogels
    • 3D printed materials
    • Skin and skin grafts
  • Questions and answers

This webinar is primarily intended for engineers and researchers in the field of biomechanics and biomaterials research. A broad range of applications will be presented and reviewed, based on measurements performed by the 3D, full-field, high precision Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technique as shown in the images.

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