High Temperature Hotwire probe


Compatible with guide tubes. 2.2 mm long,10µm diameter Pt-Rh wire.

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For high-temperature applications up to 750°C, a wire probe with a 10 µm diameter, 2.2 mm long, platinum-rhodium wire sensor is available. The prongs are made of a nickel-chromium alloy with an almost zero temperature coefficient of resistance. In this way, temperature variations at the prongs will not cause resistance changes that will be interpreted as velocity changes. Platinum-rhodium is selected due to its relatively high temperature coefficient of resistance, 0.16%/°C, even if its mechanical strength is not outstanding. If high strength is needed the probe is available with a 10 µm diameter PtIr wire instead on a special probe basis.

The high temperature probe is available in one straight probe configuration.

Mounting: No probe support. After removal of rear black cap, probe screws directly into 10 mm dia guide tubes.

Min. velocity0.05 m/s *Frequency limit max (CTA mode)150 Hz

High Temperature Hotwire probe