Dual-sensor gold-plated wire probes

Gold-plated wire probes have a 5 µm diameter, 3 mm long platinum-plated tungsten wire sensor. The wire ends are copper- and gold-plated to a thickness of 15 to 20 µm, leaving an active sensor, 1.25 mm, in the middle of the wire. Dual-sensor probes are designed for use in two-dimensional flows. The sensors are arranged in X-arrays, where they form an angle of 90° with one another. They are available in four different configurations. All X-probes measure two velocity components simultaneously in turbulent, in stationary two-dimensional flow fields. They provide information for the calculation of Reynolds shear stress. The flow vector may not exceed ±45°. The picture to the right shows the probe dimensions common for the dual-sensor gold-plated wire probes.