Hot-wire Probes

In general, the probes consist of the following:

  • Sensor, forming the heating element.
  • Sensor supports (prongs or substrate), carrying the sensor and leading current to it.
  • Probe body, carrying the sensor supports.
  • Connector, providing electrical connection to the probe support or probe cable.

The probes may have one, two or three sensors for use in one-, two- or three-dimensional flows, respectively. The sensor may either be a thin wire suspended between two prongs or a thin metal film deposited on an electrically insulating substrate. Film sensors can be cylindrical (fiber-film probes) or non-cylindrical (film probes). Wire sensors are used in gases and in non-conducting liquids, while film sensors are primarily designed for use in water and other conducting liquids. Most probe types are available with different prong or substrate configurations covering a wide variety of applications. If you are in doubt about which probe to use for your application, please go to Dantec Dynamics’ website for the probe selection guide.