Dynamic background removal in the new DynamicStudio 8.1

Other new features include display and UI updates

If the background of PIV images changes over time, the dynamic background removal has strong advantages over temporal mean subtraction or local average subtraction, and better filters out reflections or overexposures on moving surfaces.

1) Raw image with reflections from propeller 2) Temporal image mean subtraction 3) POD based background removal

The original work is published here

Other new features are a dark theme and support for high resolution displays.
With the dark theme, working in a laboratory is more relaxing for the eyes since contrasts are much lower.
The updated high resolution support now improves text and button scaling which can be set in Windows 10 or 11.

Bug fixes include removal of slow down of Distributed analysis with a physical dongle.

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For more info please see the changelog and download the new version here