Vibration Analysis on Catalytic Converters with ESPI

Image of Vibration Analysis on Catalytic Converters with ESPI

A special problem for the analysis of catalytic converters is their internal set-up. The matrix of a specific converter is built of flat and corrugated metal sheets. The outer cylinder of the converter and the matrix show different stiffness and vibration modes. Therefore, the knowledge of their vibration behaviour is important to optimize the lifetime of such components.

The experimental analysis of such components is quite difficult, since the thin metal sheets of the matrix do not allow measurement with mechanical contact, such as strain gauges or accelerometers. Furthermore, the tangential and radial vibration of the matrix and cylinder is required. The complex structure of the matrix additionally requires full field measurement. Therefore electronic-speckle interferometry (ESPI) was found to be the optimal measuring solution for this task.

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