Velocity characterization of NIST’s reference spray combustion facility using stereoscopic PIV

Image of velocity characterization using stereoscopic PIV

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) offers a cost-effective alternative to experiments and is increasingly being used to solve realistic problems in many engineering areas. However, before numerical simulations are taken to heart, the accuracy of the CFD model must first be assured. This should be accomplished in two ways: verification and validation.

Verification involves ensuring that the algebraic and differential equations within the model have been accurately solved. Validation on the other hand involves determining if the correct CFD model has been solved. The latter requires experimental results that serve as benchmark data for the purpose of CFD model and sub model validation.

To serve the need for validation in the spray combustion area, a reference spray combustion facility at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been built and extensively characterized.

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