Strain Field Measurement for FEA Validation on Bone

Image of FEA validation on bone

Finite element analysis (FEA) is being applied to more and more complex situations such as biomedical research. As with any FEA, the key to a successful analysis lies in the validation of the model with real life measurements. Dantec Dynamics’ unique Q-100 sensor provides measurement data in the form of 3D displacements and surface strains to validate even the most complex models and materials.

In a recent paper published by the Journal of Biomechanics, research is presented on the use of a Dantec Q-100 ESPI sensor to validate a model of human bone. The paper titled ‘Validating a voxel-based finite element model of a human mandible using digital speckle pattern interferometry’ is by Flora Groening of the Hull York Medical School. Consistent and reliable measurements were made with the Q-100 confirming the use of this technique for the validation of models in the field of bone mechanics.

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