Particle Image Velocimetry of 3D-Printed Anatomical Blood Vascular Models Affected by Atherosclerosis

Averaged flow velocities in m/s within the coronary artery model for different Reynolds Numbers

The study of biomedical fluid dynamics using non-intrusive visualizing methods on a micro-scale has become possible using a proper 3D printing process. The computed tomography scan of a patient with atherosclerosis was processed, and a 3D-printed artery with an inlet diameter of 4.2 mm was developed and measured using three different constant flow rates. To mimic blood, a solution of glycerin and water was used. The procedure to obtain a proper 3D-printed model using low-force stereolithography technology with high-quality optical access usable for PIV was described and discussed. The paper presents the results of PIV as multi-stitched, color-coded vector maps from the axis cross section along the whole 3D-printed model.

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