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Image of Materials and Structural Testing

Quality Assurance and inspection demands are massively increasing, requiring not only more frequent materials and infrastructure tests but also any inspection reports gener­ated from such tests to address the specific requirements of each application.

Materials and structural testing campaigns are routinely performed in a variety of industries and applications, each of which have their specific needs as it relates to data analysis and representation. In addition, legislators and certification authorities have more and more rigid require­ments to the quality assurance procedures as well as the inspection reporting documentation. Addressing these changing demands requires a powerful solution that performs post-processing of measurement data relevant to the application and produces application specific inspection reports. At the same time, inspection service providers need to reduce their operating costs to remain competitive.

With recent advances in imaging technologies, full-field, non-contact optical techniques are replacing traditional, labor-intensive measurement techniques, such as strain gauges, in many applications.

Dantec Dynamics’ state-of-the-art optical imaging solutions include a range of easy-to-use post-processing modules based on application specific data analysis methods to address market requirements and cus­tomer demands. The existing modules can be further adapted and customized, and new customer specific modules can be created using the know-how of application experts. With the virtually unlimited flexibility, these post-processing modules make the generation of application specific reports a trivial and quick exercise, which for repeated measurements can even be automated.


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