Material and Structural Testing with DIC

Image of Material and Structural Testing with DIC

The need for testing complex materials and structures with often anisotropic material behaviour combined with the economic demands to increase the work efficiency forces the traditional testing away from labour intensive point focused measurement techniques to more efficient and robust optical non-contact technologies.

Dantec provides cost efficient and innovative solutions for material testing and structural analysis of complex components. The Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is a 3D, full-field, non-contact optical technique to measure shape, deformation, vibration and strain on almost any material and shape. Its flexible design opens a wide range of applications from microscopic investigations up to large scale civil engineering measurements, with resolutions down to μ-meters. The DIC method is based on pattern recognition on the object to be measured, the so-called “speckles.” Those speckles create an optical fingerprint that is identifiable in 3D space and is tracked by the DIC algorithm as long as the surface is in the view of the DIC cameras.


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