Flow Discharge Vectoring using a Miniature Fluidic Actuator

Image of flow discharge

Particle Image Velocimetry was used to measure the centerplane velocities in the near-field of a subsonic jet with an exit diameter of 3.81 cm which was controlled using single and dual fluidic actuators, each with an equivalent circular diameter of 1.06 mm.

Fluidic actuators are those that use fluid logic circuits to produce oscillatory velocity/ pressure perturbations in jets and shear layers for delaying separation, enhancing mixing and suppressing noise. Fluidic excitation devices are potentially useful for shear flow control for several reasons: they have no moving parts, they can produce excitation that is controllable in frequency, amplitude and phase, they can operate in harsh thermal environments, are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference, and are easy to integrate into a functioning device.

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