New Synchronizers for PIV and LIF – with ns resolution and full flexibility

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Improved PIV accuracy is achieved by an online laser pulse time stamping with 1ns resolution. The time separation of the PIV laser pulses is no longer influenced by systematic laser timing errors.

Flexible configuration, it is now easy to combine cameras, lasers and intensifier with different timing needs.

Synchronization made easy

The synchronizer is the part of the instrument chain which ensures that all other devices are synchronized correctly, and that these devices perform their individual tasks at the right time. The synchronization needs can be slightly different depending on applications.

Synchronizer High Resolution: with a time resolution <= 1ns this device can handle all applications e.g. gating of intensifiers to image very high speed phenomena or to capture weak and short fluorescence signals.

Synchronizer General Purpose: This device can handle nearly all synchronization needs for e.g. PIV. Time resolution <= 8ns.