New StreamLine Pro Automatic Directional Calibrator

The directional calibration is typically performed using a manual directional calibrator where the probe orientation is changed with respect to a known flow. Operating the manual directional calibrator is a time-consuming task and the accuracy and repeatability of the angular settings is user dependent. The unique motorized Automatic Directional Calibrator makes this task faster, user-friendly, accurate, and precise.

The StreamLine Pro Automatic Directional Calibrator is fully supported in StreamWare Basic 6.1 and StreamWare Pro 6.1.

The benefit of the automatic directional calibrator can be seen when the true error during the calibration is considered. Below are two pictures displaying the amount of true error using two sets of pitch and yaw coefficients. The first one is using the library default values (left) when a directional calibrator is absent from the measurement system and the second one is using the calculated values (right) using an automatic directional calibrator.

Table and graphs from StreamLine Pro Automatic Directional Calibrator