New SpeedSense xx40 series cameras

SpeedSense xx40 DSC 1969 V2 dhs no phantom logo cropped no bg small

SpeedSense xx40 camera

The new SpeedSense xx40 series offers what everyone was looking for. High speed cameras with great versatility that offer both high resolution and high frame rate. As usual, even higher frame rates can be achieved when reducing the resolution.

The new SpeedSense 2640 offers a 4 MP (MegaPixel) sensor capturing images at up to 6600 frames per second (fps). Thanks to the latest technology, its binning modes enable you to run it with up to 25030 fps at a reduced resolution of 1 MP. SpeedSense 1840 offers a 4 MP sensor capturing images with up to 4510 fps.

SpeedSense Veo E DSC 1956 V2 dhs no phantom logo cropped contrast no bg small

SpeedSense VEO E camera

The VEO family has been extended with the entry level VEO E-series with 4 and 1 MP sensors. The VEO E 310 camera delivers up to 3,260 fps at full resolution (1,280 x 800 pixel) and the VEO E 340 4 MP camera delivers up to 800 fps , while higher frame rates can be achieved at reduced resolution.

The new cameras are supported by the new DynamicStudio 6.80 release.

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New TrueTime option for improved PIV accuracy in high velocity application

True time DSC 1982 final small 400

TrueTime option attached to Light Sheet Optics

With the newTrueTime module for the Synchronizer, DynamicStudio is now able to measure the actual timing of light pulses, improving the accuracy in high velocity applications where exact knowledge of the time between light pulses is essential.