New Software Release: Istra4D 4.6

Istra4D 4.6 Technology

Dantec Dynamics is pleased to announce the release of Istra4D 4.6, now supporting (selected) 10GigE vision cameras. 10GigE is the latest addition to the Istra4D interface portfolio, including; USB 3, CoaXPress, GigE and Ultra High Speed (UHS) SpeedSense cameras. At Dantec Dynamics, we embrace, integrate, and support the latest in what camera technology has to offer, so you can do more with Digital Image Correlation (DIC). Istra4D 4.6 is one of the only commercially available DIC software platforms that enables users to choose the best camera technology for any given materials testing application.

Istra4D Performance Chart

The growing demand for higher resolution as well as frame rate is a continuing trend that is pushing the performance envelope of camera technology. The performance of most camera types, often described through maximum resolution and frame rate, is limited by the bandwidth of their corresponding transport layer. The transport layer also determines the maximum cable length available, which is a factor that can limit the range of a DIC rig setup. Other limitations are multi-camera capabilities, which are dependent on PC and connection capacity. It can be a time intensive challenge to find the optimal balance between resolution, frame rate, cable length and number of cameras for any concrete material testing application. Our new category icons can help you to find your optimal system in no time.

Istra4D 4.6 Camera Comparison Chart
Istra4D Camera Chart Key
Istra4D Bandwidth Comparison

10GigE vision offers one of the best combinations of bandwidth, cost (price) and multi-camera setup capability. Traditionally, if medium resolution (MRes) (i.e. 5 Mpx) were required, the achievable frame rate (at max resolution) would be limited to 75 Hz for any low-speed (LS) camera (450 MB/s) or >450+ Hz for high-speed (HS) cameras (2670 MB/s). This effectively required users to make a compromise on resolution for frame rate. The integration of 10GigE in Istra4D 4.6 now helps fill this trade-off, allowing users the possibility of low-speed fatigue, fracture mechanic, vibration or even, impact testing.

ISTRA 4D Feature Timeline

Istra4D 4.6 Features Timeline

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