New release of Istra4D 4.4.7

It is now available for all new purchases, modernizations and upgrades of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) systems.

The new and improved features include:

  • Double-sided (bi-axial) strain measurement, specifically for multi-camera DIC tensile testing, which allows users to measure the thickness and strain of corresponding, opposite sides of a sample.

1. istra 447 load series
Double sided thickness measurement

  • Expansion of the calibration target wizard
  • QR-coded calibration targets that are automatically recognised and identified by Istra4D before a projection calibration.
  • Customizable and printable calibration targets.

2. Calibration target

QR coded calibration target

  • Real-time pattern quality evaluator for quantitative and visual assessment of the user-generated speckle pattern.3. resolution

    Pattern quality evaluator
  • Camera temperature measurement with traffic light indication for ensuring stable environmental measurement conditions before testing.
  •  Usability and performance enhancements
    • Measurement step animation during visualization of results
    • Measurement point exclusion for stenciling out points not applicable to a measurement


Measurement step animation

  • Visualization of the geometric DIC setup from calibration with relative baseline, camera position and calibration target information.


DIC setup visualization

  • Import and export function of DIC measurement settings and configuration parameters.
  • Master / slave mode for new GigE camera models.

Please contact your local sales representative for more information.