New 64-bit StreamWare and StreamLine Pro Automatic Temperature Calibrator

The StreamLine Pro family with the new automatic temperature calibrator to the left

The new major release of StreamWare Pro and StreamWare Basic version 7.0 includes several important new features including support for a new 64bit database, new 3D graphics, support of a new automatic Temperature calibrator, new post processing routines, and much more…

Dantec Dynamics offers two main software packages for CTA measurements with very similar features and functionality: StreamWare Pro supporting the research grade StreamLine Pro electronics, and StreamWare Basic supporting the cost-effective MiniCTA / Multichannel CTA electronics.

The new major release of Pro and Basic versions now supports the 64bit database architecture improving the flexibility and modularity of these software packages. StreamWare Pro now can support up to 6 StreamLine Pro mainframes and 36 velocity / temperature channels. A database converter is also included to convert existing databases into 64bit version seamlessly.

StreamWare Pro user interface

Both StreamWare version 7.0 packages now include new graphical tools that support countour plots and 3D plots which significantly improve result presentation.

The StreamLine Pro family gets a new member, an Automatic Temperature Calibrator, which can perform accurate temperature calibrations of up to half a dozen single-sensor hotwire probes in a wide temperature range simultaneously. An accurate and traceable calibration leads to better accuracy with the high bandwidth Temperature measurements in fluid flows.

StreamLine Pro Automatic Temperature Calibrator

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