New Istra4D V4.10 software release

Dantec Dynamics is pleased to announce the release of Istra4D V4.10! This new software version is packed full of new features & functionalities for (camera) measurement acquisition, correlation evaluation & post-processing visualization.

New features include:

  • Point Tracking
  • Multicamera Subset Reference Tracking (MSURET)
  • Recording Procedure Protocol Enhancements
  • Advanced Triggering Functionality
  • CXP-12 Camera Hardware Integration
  • Bilinear Projective Shape Correlation
  • PythonTM Scripting
  • Camera Crosshair Alignment Marking

Download the Release Note for Istra4D V4.10 at the bottom of this page.

Point Tracking
Point Tracking allows users to track an unlimited number of individual subsets/facets as discrete points. Using the DIC algorithm backbone, anything that has a surface feature (ie. a local contrast gradient) can be tracked.

Multicamera Subset Reference Tracking
Multicamera Subset Reference Tracking (MSURET) is a feature that allows a subset/facet to be continually tracked throughout the complete multicamera setup, even if the subset is no longer visible in the reference camera pair.
Recording Procedure Protocol Enhancements
Recording Procedure Protocol Enhancements is an extended functionality of the Istra4D recording procedure that now incorporates an array of user-definable, pre-installed templates.
Advanced Triggering Functionality
Advanced Triggering Functionality extends the current options of acquisition triggering within the recording procedure. Triggers can now do more than just respond to analog signals and frame count indexes…
Bilinear Projective Shape Correlation
Bilinear Projective Shape Correlation is a new subset/facet shape function that significantly improves the accuracy (reduces the measurement uncertainty), particularly for larger subsets >30px, but also for DIC stereo rigs with a large stereo-angle, and measurements involving full-body movement.
All new CXP-12 cameras
All new CXP-12 cameras now run fully integrated with Istra4D V4.10. Irrespective of using the recording procedure or ring-buffer recording modes, these 50 Gbps cameras have the highest continuous-mode bandwidth compared to any other type of camera technology.