New, improved, user-friendly features with StreamWare 6.0

With this StreamWare release 6.0, a number of new, improved and user-friendly features have been added for StreamWare Pro (the StreamLine Pro CTA solution) as well as for the StreamWare Basic package (the Multichannel CTA and MiniCTA systems).

New: Support for split-fiber sensor probes
Split-fiber film probes are quite useful for two-component velocity measurements in harsh environments where space is limited, because they are robust and compact. We now support velocity and directional calibration of split-fiber film probes. Various calibration procedures have been suggested in the literature. The method implemented is both accurate and user friendly. At the same time, improvements in the directional calibration dialogs for X-sensor and Triple-sensor probes have been implemented.

Split fiber error analysis - StreamWare 6.0

Typical directional calibration result for split-sensor film probes

Improved: Export function
The StreamWare export features have also been improved, now supporting export filters such as Excel and Tecplot. The Global Export function of raw data is now available from a dedicated export tab under the file dialogue. Via this, it is possible to select multiple raw data entries to perform a simultaneous Global Export. It is also possible to export just the data into Excel, excluding headers and probe information. Another convenient feature is the possibility to browse the list of all recently exported files.

Multiple selections of raw data and visualization

Left: Multiple selections of raw data for Global Export
Right: Visualization of data from a turbulent round jet in Tecplot®

User-friendly: Database handling
StreamWare 6.0 includes user-friendly features for visualizing and handling the database structure. It is now possible to collapse and expand similar events in the database to get compact or detailed views. Similarly, one can merge several grids and reduced data into a single file.

Db handling - StreamWare 6.0

Left: Compact database view where similar events are collapsed
Right: Detailed database view where similar events are expanded

Merging of diff grid def

Merging of different grid definitions into one

For registered users under warranty or with a Software Update Agreement the latest release of StreamWare Pro and StreamWare Basic is available for download here.