New Illumination portfolio for Digital Image Correlation (DIC) systems

Read about the characteristics of the XR, XG, SXR, and SXG illumination systems, to see which solution best matches your application!

We are proud to announce the new release of our DIC Illumination portfolio with multiple systems, now available, varying in: wavelength, illuminance output, and optics. The selection of the most appropriate illumination system is dependent on the measurement test application.

New Illumination portfolio for Digital Image Correlation (DIC) systems
The XR-/XG-LED Illumination System

High-quality lighting is very important for Digital Image Correlation (DIC). The ability of the technique to accurately measure contour (shape), displacement and strain can be achieved through using an illumination system that has the following properties: high-intensity brightness, homogenous distribution, monochromatic (single-wavelength) source and continuous (flicker-free) operation.

The XR- and XG-LED Illumination Systems are easy-to-use and adaptable for the FlexDIC, MulticamDIC or MSpeedDIC systems, with any low- or medium-speed testing applications.

The SXR- and SXG-LED Illumination Systems are powerful and are designed to be used together with the MSpeedDIC or HSpeedDIC systems, for any medium- or high-speed testing applications.

The LED Illumination System is available together with the EduDIC system and for any small-area, low-speed (quasi-static) testing applications.

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