New FlexLDA and FlexPDA Solutions at Highly Attractive Prices

We are proudly launching the FlexLDA and FlexPDA solutions, compact best-value systems for 1 or 2 velocity components and particle size measurements. Both systems include the brand new BSA F/P100 processor.

The FlexLDA includes the factory aligned and calibrated FlowExplorer High Power optics, a brand new BSA F100 processor which has all the advanced features of the already existing BSA F/P600 processor and a velocity range up to 68 m/s (at focal length 500 mm), and BSA Flow, a full featured software package with a user interface designed for the workflow in experiments and the Advanced Graphics add-on for real-time plots of results.

The FlexPDA includes everything from the FlexLDA package plus FiberPDA receiver optics, all necessary mechanical parts for mounting and aligning transmitter and receiver optics, BSA Flow Software and the Particle Sizing add-on. These systems come at very attractive prices and are ideal for experimental setups requiring up to 50 cm measurement distance, with velocities below 68 m/s.

More information about FlexLDA

More information about FlexPDA