New features for spray imaging with the release of DynamicStudio 7.6

We are continuing the enhancements of the DynamicStudio Shadow Sizing add-on with some exciting new features in the new DynamicStudio 7.6 release:

New 2.5D Shadow Sizing

2.5D Shadow Sizing

Our ShadowSizer for spray imaging includes some exciting new features

  • 2.5D Shadow Sizing which includes the particles distance from the focus plane
  • New Shadow Statistics with correction for the depth of field bias of the particle size distribution.
  • Popular particle size statistics:
    • D10, D32, D43
    • Dv10, Dv50, Dv90, Span
    • Volume (mass) Fraction
    • Volume (mass) Fluxes
Correction of particle size pdf and cdf for depth-of-field bias

New ShadowSizer components

We are updating the hardware with

  • A new, fast and powerful LED illumination source
  • New telecentric lenses
  • A new long distance microscope
  • A new calibration target and
  • A range of accessories for easy mounting and alignment of ShadowSizer systems
The complete lineup of ShadowSizer components

Other new software features

In addition to the new ShadowSizer features, the new DynamicStudio 7.6 includes these improvements:

  • Uncertainty propagation from particle statistics to vector statistics
    • Opens up for analyzing the uncertainty of derived values such as Reynolds Stress or Turbulent Kinetic Energy
  • Group Displays for combo plots of several parameters
TKE uncertainty
Group display of four parameters

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