New DynamicStudio release 6.9

New Features

Streamline visualization

Visualization of Streamlines is now integrated into the 2D- and the 3D display. It no longer requires a separate method to compute the streamlines prior to visualization. You can now directly choose to visualize them from your display settings tab, just like iso surface or vector plots. With the new visualization, the former method to compute streamlines is deprecated.

3D visualization of a jet-flow with vectors, isosurfaces and streamlines, highlighting the different flow features

New Wizard for setting up a measurement 

The new Wizard to set up an imaging experiment with the new Synchronizer, this will make it easier for novice DynamicStudio users to set up their experiments, especially if advanced synchronization is needed.

Synchronizer setup wizard 1 to 5 650 pxl

Feature improvements

Improvement of the alternative correlation peaks

Added better support for alternative peaks in the Universal Outlier Detection, thereby the alternative peaks are now used for vector replacements, which plays a significant role in reducing errors and improving the measurement uncertainty.

Improvement of Adaptive PIV accuracy

A major improvement of the Adaptive PIV has been made: the accuracy is now up to 50% better than in the previous version.

New hardware supported

The SpeedSense VEO 440 camera is supported. With a 4MP sensor and a resolution of 2560 x 1600 px it can run up to 1100 fps in full resolution. On top of that you get remarkable sensitivity, image quality and put into a compact housing.