New DynamicStudio release 6.5

New DynamicStudio release 6.5 comes with support for the new Synchronizers, new features, enhanced UI, feature improvements, and additional supported hardware.

New features

Imaging Setup Assistant (ISA) now fully supports multi-camera arrangements
The Imaging Setup Assistant (ISA) now fully supports multi-camera arrangements for Volumetric Velocimetry. Templates are available to quickly find the best camera arrangement for a specific application. ISA computes and displays, the achieved depth-of-field and the optimal settings of the Scheimpflug angles for the cameras.

Predefined volumetric velocimetry set-ups, which can be used to find the ideal camera / Lens / f-stop combination for your measurement task, are now included.

New DynamicStudio release 6.5

Auto-Mask Generator
The new Auto-Mask Generator generates a static mask from a series of particle images, reducing the need for manually masking-out objects in particle images before processing.

Feature improvements

Sparse SMART for further acceleration of volumetric reconstructions
Sparse SMART speeds up 3D voxel reconstruction by a factor of 2-3 while reducing the amount of memory needed for the reconstruction.

POD for scalars
Modal decomposition, POD, can now be performed not only on vector fields but also on Images and Scalar Maps.

Imaging Setup Assistant (ISA) now fully supports 2-axis Scheimpflug mounts
Now features a visualization of the needed Scheimpflug angle in both axes. This makes it easy to estimate the needed angles in your set-up and ensure that the needed Scheimpflug angles are within the limits of your mounts.

New hardware supported

Support for the new Synchronizers includes:

  • Burst triggering
  • Phase-locked triggering
  • Cameras and lasers can now operate synchronized but at different trigger rates
  • Laser warm-up before starting the acquisition
  • AD input synchronized with images
  • Control of auxiliary lab equipment
  • Generation of complex output timing pulse patterns

New FlowSense CX 12M-160 – a 12 MP CoaXPress camera with a staggering 160 fps frame rate

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