New DualScope for double view with one camera

dualscope two images

Separate imaging visualization of liquid phase (left) and vapor phase (right) of a gasoline spray, images acquired with DualScope. Courtesy of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

This measurement campaign used a single camera setup together with the DualScope – to capture image fluorescence signals from a gasoline-like spray injected by an outward opening piezo actuated injector. The aim was to find and justify a cost effective way for this kind of complex measurements, which used to be expensive and difficult to manage.

LIEF technique is an imaging method to simultaneously visualize the vapor phase and the liquid phase of a spray, which can describe the spray development more precisely. All LIEF measurements described in the literature until now are using a two camera system setup which is costly and therefore often a show-stopper for a more widely applied use of this technique.

Thanks to the optical performance of the DualScope, measurements at the Chalmers University of Technology resulted in many interesting findings on the spray behavior under various conditions. The first results have been published by two conferences [1, 2] and further publications are expected.

In conclusion, the DualScope is a cost effective solution for many measurement applications. As an alternative to a two-camera setup, the use of only one single camera opens of many interesting measurement campaigns within applications like Mie/LIF measurements for droplet sizing; exciplex LIF for vapor/liquid phase separation; Multi species LIF to detect more during combustion; and combined PIV/LIF measurements.
For more details, please also check application note.

[1] Evaporation of Gasoline-Like Sprays from an Outwards-Opening Injector Studied with LIEF, M. Andersson, A. Yamaguchi and H. Wang, The 9th international conference on modeling and diagnostics for advanced engine systems, Japan, 2017
[2] Imaging of gasoline-like sprays with planar laser-induced exciplex fluorescence using a stereoscopic imaging system, M. Andersson, A. Yamaguchi, P. Dahlander and H. Wang, 28th European Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Spain, 2017