New CXP-12 continuous-bandwidth cameras with huge frame rates

Utilizing a maximum bandwidth of 4x 12.5 Gbps, up to four CXP-12 cameras can be configured as a multicamera setup – perfect for Vibration Analysis, Impact Testing, and Motion Tracking.

We are proud to announce the new release of our DIC CoaXPress-12 (CXP-12) camera portfolio! These amazing high-speed, continuous-bandwidth cameras allow up to 3515 fps to be captured at 1.1 Mpx or 285 fps at 16 Mpx, depending on your test application. Continuous-bandwidth cameras transfer unlimited data directly from the camera to PC, as such, the amount of measurement data that can be stored is only dependent on the size of the PC hard drive, which is typically larger than > 500 GB. The duration of measurement acquisition is typically much shorter for onboard-storage (high-speed) cameras, which have a limited storage capacity of usually < 100 GB.

CXP-12 cameras use a FrameGrabber that can utilize one lane per camera at 12.5 Gbps or all four lanes at 50 Gps. To capture fast events, a high frame rate camera must be utilized that often needs to be 10x quicker than the application test speed. For example, the camera acquisition speed for a vibration test at 100 Hz needs to be at least 1000 Hz.

CXP-12 continuous-bandwidth cameras
Figure 1 – Camera technology interfaces

Istra4D is one the only commercially available DIC software platforms that support; CoaXPress-12, 10GigE, USB 3, and GigE giving users the flexibility to choose the best camera technology for any given materials testing application. At Dantec Dynamics, we embrace, integrate, and support the very latest in camera technology has to offer so you can do more with Digital Image Correlation (DIC).

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