New Cameras for DynamicStudio – high resolution and high frame rate

Furthermore, two new cameras using CameraLink have been added to our FlowSense camera portfolio.

Two new FlowSense CX cameras

The CoaXPress interface and new Camera sensor technology fulfil the dream: high resolution and high frame rate at the same time.

CoaXPress interface and new Camera sensor technology - DynamicStudio
The new FlowSense CX 4M-563 makes full use of the fast interface. With its 4 MP (2336 x 1728 px) sensor you can record at up to 563 fps at full resolution. Cropped to full HD resolution, you can record at 900fps!
If a versatile camera is needed, take a look at the FlowSense CX 25M-80. With a resolution of 25 MP (5120 x 5120 px), you can record at up to 80fps. At full HD resolution you can reach 480 fps.
These CMOS cameras are very versatile measurement tools for PIV applications.

New FlowSense USB camera

FlowSense USB DSC 1147 camera house adaptor lens - DynamicStudio

The new FlowSense USB 2M-165 connects to the PC via a USB3 port, so no frame grabber is required. The FlowSense USB 2M-165 offers 1920 x 1200 px at 165 fps. With an outstanding quantum efficiency of above 70% it is perfectly suited for the green wavelength of lasers and LEDs.
Its exceptional price/performance ratio makes it perfectly suited for educational set-ups to make time resolved measurements in slow flows.

Two new FlowSense EO cameras

Two new FlowSense EO cameras - DynamicStudio

The FlowSense EO cameras are the backbone of our camera portfolio, offering a very good image quality, a good sensitivity and a very good frame rate. With a color depth of up to 14 bit and inter-frame times down to 100 ns they are well suited for many PIV, LIF and Shadow applications. All the FlowSense EO cameras offer excellent value for the money.

We have added a faster and a higher resolution camera to the FlowSense EO range. The new FlowSense EO 1M-140 has a 1032 x 1032 px sensor and a max. frame rate of 148 fps. The new FlowSense EO 8M features a 3312 x 2488 px sensor and a framerate of up to 10.6 fps.

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