New Calibration Target Portfolio for DIC!

Dantec Dynamics is pleased to announce the release of our new DS-HP-AH calibration target series for our DIC portfolio. The DS-HP-AH series have now replaced both our older SS/DS-HP-AL and SS-SP-PL calibration target series

komponenten target-152 no bg
Figure 1 – 150 mm Calibration Target (DS-HP-AH)

The Double-Sided – High-Precision – Aluminum Honeycomb (DS-HP-AH) targets are designed to be used for FoVs from 80 x 80 mm up to 1000 x 1000 mm. All targets from the DS-HP-AH series are double-sided which allows bi-planar, double-sided testing to be performed (i.e. with the MulticamDIC system). Such setups, that use the calibration parameters of both the front and back-side, allow the through thickness of a sample to be measured for the determination of true strain.

FLEX DIC-134 db target no bg
Figure 2 – 100 mm Calibration Target (DS-HP-AH)

The DS-HP-AH targets are approximately 2.5x more accurate than the older SS/DS-HP-AL targets. Since the number of quadrants has been increased from 9×9 to 11×11, more grid intersection points are captured in one image which automatically improves the projection calibration residuum.

For target sizes 100 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm, Dantec Dynamics performs a calibration of the front-to-rear face translation offset & angle and issues a certificate of target calibration. A certificate of precision class is also issued to all DS-HP-AH targets in which the stipulated, expected manufactured tolerance of the calibration target is within 10 to 20 μm.

Calibration Certificates

To find out more information about Dantec Dynamics new Calibration Target portfolio for DIC please click here.