Plug and Play EduStereoPIV System

We are proudly launching our EduStereoPIV system extending the Edu line. It is the logical next step for teaching and training of Stereo PIV. The system can be an upgrade to existing EduPIV systems or a stand alone unit.

The system includes:

Complete flow loop

The system includes a 100 x 40 x 40 cm large tank with a small controllable pump that generates the flow. The flowrate of the pump can be controlled. And additionally different pulsing modes can be used to trigger a cleaner vortex roll up.

Eye safe illumination

To be able to use the system also in training facilities or in front of large auditoriums, the illumination is LED based and thereby eye safe.

Time resolved measurements

Thanks to the two fast 165 fps FlowSense 2M-165 cameras, with 2.3 MP resolution, the flow can be measured time resolved, enabling plenty of options for post processing, ie vortex tracking, Pressure computations (PfP Add-on needed)…

Real Scheimpflug mounts and bright f2.0 F-mount lenses

To optimize the image quality the system comes with full-format 35mm f2.0 lenses, which gather plenty of light. Furthermore, the systems comes with real Scheimpflug mounts where the lens is fixed towards the field of view, and thereby offering a fast and simple setting of the Scheimpflug angle without the need of tilting the lens and thereby iterating the field of view and the Scheimpflug angle.

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