New, all-in-one FiberFlow Laser Transmitter

FiberFlow Laser Transmitter
The new FiberFlow LDA system 

The system now comprises only four main elements: probe, laser transmitter, signal processor and PC with software. The laser power as well as all processing parameters are software controlled.
Each FiberFlow Laser Transmitter uses a single wavelength and Braggcell. This along with the compact, integrated design makes it the most stable and powerful fiberoptical LDA solution yet.

1D, 2D and 3D solutions at two power levels

By stacking 2 or 3 Laser Transmitters, 2D and 3D configurations are possible. The optical fibres from a 2D FiberFlow probe can be easily connected to two stacked units.
1W laser transmitters are available for demanding long range measurements in three wavelengths. Advanced fiberlasers offer excellent pointing stability ensuring higly stable alignment of the optics.
For smaller flow rigs, 300 mW Laser Transmitters are available with two wavelengths, and a 200 mW Laser Transmitter with a third wavelength is available.